Reflejos In-Condicionados (2012)

[Un-Conditioned responses]

Reflejos In-Condicionados ha sido confeccionada a partir de premisas relacionadas con aquello a lo que el propio compositor ha denominado "Composición Neuropsicológica".
Para su composición, se ha recurrido al uso de estrategias provenientes de la psicoacústica, la psicología y la neurología tales como la "escucha analítica y sintética", los "batidos binaurales" y el "glissando Shepard-Risset" (a modo de "Reflejos Incondicionados"), y tres citas provenientes de diversas obras (en alusión a los "Reflejos Condicionados"). La obra propone un modo compositivo por el cual se intenta inducir a los oyentes, de manera explícita, y mediante la aplicación de procedimientos provenientes de las disciplinas antes mencionadas, a transitar por diversos estados de ánimo.

Artículo Analítico de Reflejos In-Condicionados

Revelaciones del ensueño de un mate (2006)

[Revelations of dream of a Mate]

Revelations of a Dreamy Mate has been developed from two sounds coming from the time you add water and drink a mate.
Mate is a drink (infusion) of South American origin, coming from a tree or shrub belonging to the family of Aquifoliaceae.

Traditionally, drinks it from the drying of vessels of small pumpkins, or made ​​of wood or metal, by a lightbulb.

Pillán (2005)

"According araucana belief, the spirit of the newly dead, called 'am' in this transitory state, is around his corpse, and later his grave environment or family while he is remembered fondly .... Then, when the memories are erased, the 'am' becomes Pillián, and finally retires to the place of spirits ... (Wilhelm de Moesbach, P.E. y col. Diccionario mapuche-español. Siringa Libros. Ed.1993)”

Pillán contains two sections. We could describe his "formal proposal" as a passage from an artificial state, into a real one…

Pillán has obtained a "mention" in the Tribune of Electroacoustic Music, organized by the Foundation "Encuentros Internacionales de Música Comtemporánea" (2006).

Estalactitas: Estudio electroacústico sobre el ritmo (2002)

[Stalactites: Electroacoustic Study about the rhythm]

For this piece have been used only four sound files, that have been processed through various strategies.

"Estalactitas: Estudio electroacústico sobre el ritmo" won first place in the composition competition "Promociones Electroacústicas" (2004), awarded by the "Argentinian Federation of Electroacoustic Music (Buenos Aires)".

Blaptica dubia: Estudio sobre la síntesis Granular (2007)

[Blaptica dubia: Study about the Granular synthesis]

Blaptica dubia (scientific name of the Giant Cockroach Argentina), has given a speech in dramatic content, which has taken historical facts and future assumptions, views from the perspective of these friendly insects. Fought, marginalized and neglected, these insects find here a place where expression.
To all of them, and all of us that fought endless and uselessly, this electroacoustic piece is dedicated.

Paraisos Artificiales (2010)

[Artificial Paradises]

The piece "Paraisos Artificiales" [Artificial Paradises] has been designed from the exploration of different "soundscapes", using specific tools and procedures relating to handling of spatial and spectral parameters of sound involved.